quinta-feira, abril 21, 2005

Fragmentos de estupidez (2)

Outros títulos:
como o ridículo compensa;
ou ainda,
Bandas horríveis com hits que parecem soar medianamente bem quando estamos podres de bêbedos;
ou então:
Bandas de "hair-metal" suecas que bem podiam tropeçar nos cabelos e cair pelas escadas abaixo para não tentarem imitar os ABBA com guitarras


Originally a progressive rock group, Europe didn't achieve any success until they reworked their sound into a bombastic yet melodic pop-metal. In their first incarnation, the Swedish band was called Force. The band - featuring core members Joey Tempest (vocals), John Norum (guitar), and John Leven (bass) - won a national talent contest in the early '80s, which led to a record contract. After changing their name to Europe and releasing two albums in Sweden (Europe and Wings of Tomorrow), the band landed an international deal with Epic Records. By this time, Norum had left the group and was replaced by Kee Marcello; drummer Ian Haughland and keyboardist Michael Michaeli also joined the lineup.

In 1986, Europe released The Final Countdown. On the album, Michaeli's keyboards took a prominent role (they provide the main riff in the hit title track), which nicely complimented the band's smoother pop melodies. The change in style proved successful, as the record became a Top Ten hit in the U.S. and U.K.; both "The Final Countdown" and "Carrie" became Top Ten singles as well. Delivered two years later, Out of This World continued the formula of the previous record. It also was a success, although its numbers didn't match those of The Final Countdown. Two years later, Europe released their final album, Prisoners of Paradise, to little attention.

ai sim?

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